The Travel Directory makes it as easy as possible to submit your site. All you need is to write an article about your hotel or service, and a picture or two if available showing off your product in all it's glory. Once you submit your article, we will place this on its very own page of the site, and will be linked to from the main catagory pages to ensure it receives as much exposure as possible.

We ask that you write a UNIQUE article about your products/services, and not to just copy a chunk or two of text from your own site. This will ensure that Google reads the text you write, and as a result you have a much greater chance of your page appearing in the search results, in turn helping drive traffic to your site. The article can be as long as you like - at least 100 words, up to around 800. Also, we recommend writing or indicating a title and brief one or two sentence description, which will be what we use as a 'taster' on the catagory pages. The title will then link to your full article.

To submit your site, simply email your article and pictures to and we will aim to put your article live within 2 days. All we ask is a small fee to pay for the admin costs involved with setting up your article, just £5. Please send this payment, via paypal, to making a note of your name and business name in the message box.

So what are the benefits of listing in The Travel Directory? Well, with Pay-Per-Click marketing, you will often pay over £1 per click when bidding for holiday related phrases. So, for our one-off £5 submission fee (no yearly subscriptions!), you only need to receive 5 visits from our site to start making a profit! Although, in reality, people clicking through to your site from our articles will be far more likely to purchase your products or services than with a PPC ad, as they have already seen a description of your site. Therefore the value of visits from our site is greater than that of visits via Pay-Per-Click, and more likely to lead to a conversion.

PLEASE NOTE - We only accept real sites about holidays and travel. We do not accept sites with links to gambling, adult or drug sites. We cannot give a refund once payment has been made - if in doubt, send us a link to your site first and we will respond to whether the site is suitable or not. 99% of applicants need not worry!

Remember - all you need to do to submit your site is: email us with your article and pictures, and email us a one-off payment of £5 via Paypal - and that's it! We will do the rest. Unlike other similar sites we WON'T take your article down after a year or change a subscription fee!